Tuesday, May 26, 2009

weird dream

Last night John had to leave for Tucson for a firearms instructor training class that will last two days and two nights. He does this kind of thing a lot and he really enjoys it. Its a nice little trip away for him, spending his time getting paid to shoot department ammo with a bunch of guys who are exactly like him. They all get into their sweet tactical pants and compare guns. Comparing the guns is John's favorite part because he always wins. John's gun collection is enough to make any other second ammendment loving man cry tears of joy. John and I joke that come Armageddon, our house will be the headquarters for the Queen Creek militia. Seriously, we have a lot of food and guns. Like to the point that you might wonder about our sanity. If nothing else you would re-think a home invasion chez les Kramers, because you would get your ass kicked. By ass kicked I mean, of course, shot with many rounds of semiautomatic rifle fire. (If our band of fierce chihuahuas didn't already scare you away before you even got started.)

John's favorite gun is an AR-15 named Staci Laurene. Isn't that sweet? Its a little white trash, but very sweet. He even got it laser engraved with the name Staci Laurene, which for John is equivalent to tatooing my name on his body. Its a tribute that one can only really appreciate if you know how much he loves these guns.

So back to John's training. He left last night after packing for at least an hour. I realized something about John. He overpacks to a degree that I'm sure its a diagnosable anxiety disorder. If you read the camping post a few weeks ago, you know that John doesn't like to leave home without anything that he could possibly need. Last night I was entertained and totally helpless watching him pack that Ford Focus to the gills for a two day trip. More guns than he could ever shoot, all the accompanying ammo, clothes, extra clothes, bedding, extra bedding (they are staying in a hotel). You get the point. He has a real fear of not being prepared. It is funny and endearing, but a little sad too. I wish he could just relax about it for his own sake.

So last night John left right before bed time and so I let Jack sleep in my room as a special treat. I had this dream that John came home in the morning. In the dream he walked in and I said, "What are you doing here?" He said "We got all the way down to Tucson and found out the training had been cancelled." It was just a dream but it felt really real. I woke up and started getting the kids ready for the day. My phone rang. It was John saying that when they showed up for training this morning they found out that it had been cancelled. Weird, right?

I'm not a psychic, but I do get odd dreams like this all the time that come true. Does this happen to other people? Why can't I dream about useful things like winning lottery numbers, or what is causing my health problems. Also, if I was going to know the training was cancelled it would have been nice to know before my husband packed one thousand pounds of cargo and drove two hours. Psychic dreaming really is pretty useless after the fact.


Diane lost in books said...

Staci I am so happy I am gonna see you soon this posts reminds me that we will have A LOT to talk about when we see each other. I have exactly the same problems with my dreams...but this will be discussed "en personne". About the gun topic: another point why I am happy to visit you: when I did my training in the navy I failed the gun part.. I didn't shot exactly where i should have so I failed "the examen de tir". I am really frustrated about it. As your home seems to be a shooting stand maybe I could try again why do think?! I could train on a picture of my teaching advisor for example hahaha. je plaisante. J'espère que tu vas mieux, je pense souvent à vous et j'ai vraiment hâte de vous voir tout les quatre bientôt. la procédure de visa est assez longue :(.Take care xxx gros gros bisous

Anonymous said...

i love when that happens, i think it might be a womans intuition, the direct knowing of something, britney and i talk about it a lot, anyway, how are you?
miss you, julie

cannwin said...

I let my munckins sleep in the room when my husband leaves. It's odd since I can't stand it when he's home. lol.

I have odd dreams all the time now (pregnancy) but after 4 kids I've learned to not let them bother me to much. I mean you can only make out with the most random people in your dreams for so long before you start thinking it must not have ANYTHING to do with attraction. The other night I had a dream I was kissing this guy I've met like once ever in passing. It was completely bizarre. I'm looking forward to not being pregnant anymore.

thanks for the comment on my blog! I love it when I hook people. :)

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