Friday, May 8, 2009

Traumatized Children

This was the sad scene this afternoon for hours on end. So close, but so far away.

We looked out the back window at Krsitens's house and saw that the neighbors have erected a shrine to fun and bounciness (and incidentally, germs) Here's the problem: And yes Ella informed me that it is a BIG problem. They are having a party and we are not invited, but are instead forced to see the top of the bouncer and hear the squeals of delight coming from within. Thats where our participation ends. We don't know those neighbors and as much as I like to be the friendly neighborhood social butterfly, Its a little obvious to pay a surprise first visit under these circunstances. " Hey, We dont know you at all but We coundn't help but notice that your yard is a mecca for kid fun on a short term rental basis and wondered if this would be a good time to become friends?" Yeah its awkward any way you slice it. It would be no biggie except that the thing seems to taunt them all day long and draws them in like a moth to a flame. I'm sure if we knocked on the door and politely asked for a few minutes of bouncing it would be the start of a beautiful neighborly friendship that will last though the ages. Maybe we'll see how tomorrow pans out.

This was the deep conversation beteween Jack and Ella upon discovering that there was a party going on and they didn't have an invitation. (keep in mind these people are total strangers and we have no right to feel snubbed)

Ella: Come on Jack, we will throw our own party and we won't invite them and our party will be even more awesome.

Jack: Yeah. Our party is gonna make them wish they didn't even have a bouncer and it will be super fun and then they will come ask to join our party but we will say no, because they didn't invite us to theirs.

Ella: so what should we do at our party?

-----Long thoughtful pause---

Jack: A bouncy house does make a party pretty awesome. We might just be losers.

Tomorrow maybe we will knock on their door and see if they have any interest in our new pet, the giant tortoise. He tends to get friends easily.
And I just have to post another one so that you can get an idea of the size and scale. He by the way is still a baby and will grow much bigger than this.
The best part of the "tito" as that he is totally social with people and the kids mauling him doesn't throw him off at all. He just goes about his tito business plodding along. He likes neck rubs and baths. He just eats the grass and weeds and whatever green leafy treat we throw out there. He is so much fun.

This is one more to our small zoo. Three dogs, one parrot and 5 co-owned African spur thighed tortoises. Pretty cool. Much better than a bouncy house


Brenda said...

Where can I get one of those titos? We need one!

Brittney said...

omg, he is huge! lol, your post was too funny, someday you will become friends with them, shawn and amy...dont know the kids names, but they are a really nice couple. she has subbed at bunco's a few times, i wonder what their backyard looks like now...... how aweful to not invite the neighbors! i think she is shy, see you monday at peter piper, what time?? 11? text you later.

Stacia said...

Oh the Horror of not being invited and see (and hearing) the fun! That would be torture!

That guy is huge! Seeing him reminds me of when Kelly and I were at an amusement park with animals and walked by the turtles and saw and HEARD two of them making turtle babies. I will never forget it. I will have to tell you about it when we FINALLY talk on the phone! :)

Chelsey Howard said...

I can't believe how many animals you guys have. It sounds like so much work. Bu I bet your kids love it:) For sure, I need to call you when we do these little outings. I plan on doing it a lot this summer:) And I love the story about the bouncy house. Irronically the same thing happend to us the other day at our house. Well, not the same thing. My kids are too young to notice, but there was a bouncy house:)

Jaime and Brent said...

You crack me up! Those bounce houses are cool though... and may just be worth the surprise visit...


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