Saturday, June 18, 2011

consistency has never been my thing

I was blogging like crazy there for a while and then the charger on my computer broke and even though the Mac store would replace it for free it still took me three weeks to get over there and make the exchange. It actually involved multiple attempts wherein I dealt with a "genius" named Kenneth who was super helpful and we bonded about my account history and he promised me the free charger if I brought the old one and told me to just come find him because he'd be working every day and if he weren't there you tell them that Kenneth said I could have a free charger if I turned in the old one. So yesterday I did that and as I made the super long walk from the front of the store to the genius bar at the back scanning for my Kenneth and dismissing non-Kenneths, I got all the way back and had to talk to the guy at the counter. "Kenneth said I can have a free charger"

The color drained from the guys face and his smile disappeared. "Kenneth was in a horrible biking accident. He broke his back and he's paralyzed and may not make it. We don't know much but things are bad and he'll never be back here. " then he scrambled to the shelf and got me my charger and sent me on my way. I felt so bad for my poor Mac genius Kenneth. I don't even know him but he was helpful and kind and apparently had a lethal love of BMX. I said a prayer for him and thanked god for my new charger while I was at it because being without my computer has been paralyzing. Okay, not as paralyzing as a spinal cord injury but the whole exchange filled me with a prayerful heart on many levels.

So the point is, I should be blogging some more if all goes according to plan, which of course it always does (just ask Kenneth). Over the past few weeks we have had so much happen. and I plan to go into further explanation about the following recent happenings:

My dad had a "cardiac event" and a couple of heart surgeries which was terrifying on a level I have never felt before. He is doing well and is expected to make a full recovery. The day that happened was actually a kind of hilarious comedy of errors and mishaps but I am so glad that it turned out okay.

A MAJOR problem has come up in regards to my husband's career so I have had more than a few sleepless nights. Probably wont blog about that one but if you want to hear a tale of soul crushing bureaucracy and government in-efficiency just ask me in person. It involves Union Attorneys and Official Meetings and a Wizard behind a Curtain and it will all be over soon, but it has nearly sucked the life out of this family.

We hosted three British Soccer Players in our home for a week and had a blast getting to know them and deciphering the thick Scottish Brogue of one of them. We loved being a host family so much that we are going to do it more and hopefully make it a big part of our family life. We have two more arriving tomorrow.

In other happy news, I discovered a miraculous Laundry service that picks up all of my laundry weekly and returns it the same day sorted, hung, folded, IRONED, and April Fresh for $75 bucks a month which has pretty much changed my life. They even pre-treat stains and match socks. They serve the entire East Valley and everyone should use them because if they ever go out of business and stop doing my laundry My life will be over because they have permanently ruined me as a homemaker. I can never do my own laundry again. never. Sign up at

Summer is in full swing and cabin fever has set in. Jack and Abe are attending Amber Olsen's weekly summer school which is the first school experience that Abe has had. He loves being a big boy and I gave him a buzz cut so he looks like an eighth grader instead of a three year old over night. He can write his name and draw pictures that don't require explanation and he is officially, completely, irrevocably potty trained. He is even in undies all night long with no accidents and we don't even own a pull up. If you don't understand what a big deal this is then you obviously do not have children.

The Family Bird, Dude, who has resided in my home, my parent's home, and my sister's home suffered a horrible injury when Christopher accidentally dropped a sofa on him in an effort to "save him" after he flew off of the cage and retreated under the couch. The bird was falling off of his perch and unable to use the left side of his body for days. The Gartner's went on vacation the same day it happened so we got the task of nursing / debating on mercy killing him. but the little trooper bounced back. The psychological healing took a few days longer than the physical healing and there was a day or two when I thought he would hate all humans and seek to destroy them with his beak for the rest of his life, but he calmed down and is back to taking abuse from toddlers and cat whistling like a horny construction worker every time he sees me. He is back at Kristen's house which is great because we get all of the perks of having him without the giant mess and 2-3 hours of daily maniacal squawking. He finally found his forever home. It is a forever home that may very well end in a horrible bloody tragedy, but for now everyone is fine.

That last statement applies to everyone around here. John got a shift with Sunday's off and that will start next month, which is a crazy big deal to me. I can't wait to not me a single mother at church and John is looking forward to being apart of the ward again. Studies have shown that kids end up believing what their mom believes but worshipping how their dad worships. Hopefully John has enough seniority to keep a Sunday free schedule for years.

So thats our update we have all had some drama and some close calls but we are all surviving. Thats all I really want.

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