Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Caged Clark

My little nephew Clark has been sick for the past few days and wheezing really bad. They admitted him to the hospital yesterday at Mercy Gilbert. I went last night to bring Kristen her overnight bag and to keep her company. Clark will be fine, but the little guy is cursed with his mother's asthma and allergy genes so he gets sick often and they have to be really careful because a little cold can turn into something really dangerous fast. He is at the worst age for hospitalization because he is old enough that he wants to run around but he is too young to understand why he's not allowed to.

They keep the babies in these medical grade cribs but to me they look like cages. When I get to thinking about it, I guess that's all any baby crib is really, but there was something about seeing him in there that just broke my heart.
Kristen is a trooper. She has to stay at the hospital pretty much all day because she is still nursing him and he is allergic to so many other foods that she doesn't dare wean him because he needs the nutrition. She also has the same bad cold that Clark has and was in the ER for herself yesterday morning. She had such a severe ear infection that she needed an injection of pain killers. And of course lets not forget that she has three other children at home who need her and don't let her rest.

So, say a little prayer for Kristen and her brood. They will get through this but lets hope that she gets through it with her sanity intact.


Brittney said...

POOR KRISTIN AND CLARK!! They will be in my prayers tonight, how sad....i hope they get better soon, and kristen can get some rest as well, i cant imagine being that sick with 4 kids, and one sick baby even! youll be in our thoughts for sure!

Stephanie said...

At least Clark looks happy! That's too bad that he has it so bad. Poor Kristen...and Clark!

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