Thursday, May 21, 2009

shameless photo post

I have recently been reunited with my camera and so I took some time to take a bunch of pictures of the kids today. I just thought I would post some of my favorites, mostly for the sake of my parents who we have been desperately missing since moving back to the QC.

You will notice in this picture that Ella's face has been cut in an unfortunate umbrella accident. Well, not so much an accident as an attack. Can you believe that these two sweet children would be involved in a violent umbrella duel? if you can't believe this then you have clearly not spent any time with them. Its a wonder there is not blood drawn more often. One minute they are slashing each other with sharp objects and the next they are snuggling like this. Its the kind of domestic violence that John runs into a lot at work and we're hoping they outgrow it, otherwise they will both end up in jail.
I just love Hambone's crazy hair. John has suggested that we give him a buzz but I can't bring myself to cut it off.
This kid loves the scooter. He can't ride it on his own and he can barely reach the handles but he will play with it for hours anyway. Sometimes we push him around on it and he gets so excited. He especially likes to push with his little foot just like the big kids.
I have seen this expression literally thousands of times before. It belongs to Jack. I don't know if expressions are genetic or if he has just watched and picked up on it but I had to laugh when I saw this picture. What he is thinking is "really mom? more pictures? can you give it a rest with the camera already?" It is subtle but it is SO Jack.
Perhaps I should refrain from posting naked pics of the kids, but seriously I could not resist this one. You couldn't sculpt a rounder more perfect bum. These cheeks are so utterly pinchable to me.


Tara said...

Gotta love naked baby buns :)

The Lamb's said...

I love your pictures. Such cute kids!!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun said...

you are so funny. your kids are too cute!!!!

cannwin said...

I love baby bums. I think it's cute to let them run around naked. Of course that is seconded closely by little toddlers in little undies during those precious first months of toilet trained.

rachel pickup said...

Staci, I am the same way with Benji's little bottom! Oh, and he has a crooked butt-crack, too! You have to see it. I'll send you the pic I took if you want, lol. You'll crack up. Tell me an email address to send it to if you want. But wow, you are a really good photographer!

Anonymous said...

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David B. (U.K.) said...

You've got some great photo shots of your kids which are very well taken. Although it's best not to make a habit of posting nakey toddler pics, this bare bottom one is a real treat. That bum is just so adorable and sooo cute. I just want to grab those bum-cheeks and shake them around so that they wobble like blamanche! Okay - I'm sorry for sounding so gooey particularly as I'm a guy but - hey maybe there should be competition for the cutest toddler bare bottoms?!

Anyway, have a Happy New Year and good luck with those smashing kids!


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