Saturday, May 2, 2009

Kramer Man Campout 2009

The boys are home and they have sucessfully camped their little hearts out. The only piece of gear that got omitted from the great cargo haul of 09 was a camera. So I have no pictures to prove it, but I do have three very dirty and enthusiastic Kramer men home from the campout. They didn't end up using quite as much stuff as they packed. In fact, each and every one of them is wearing exactly the same clothes that they left the house in yesterday evening. Yes, even the same underwear. Jack had a full dirt goatee and mustache. They had a ball. They can't wait for next year. Neither can I.

Abe and I also had a ball. I think he liked being an only child even if it was only for 18 hours. When he got up this morning I brought him into my bed and we snuggled and played and I had such a nice time showering attention on him with no interruption. Since John works the swing shift, we usually have to clear out of the bedroom right when we get up so that he can finish sleeping. Babyham could sense that it was a treat. We took a long bubblebath together and then came downstairs and danced and played.

John said he will take the boys every year if for nothing else, just to renew his gratitude for our comfy home and bed. This camping trip did the same thing for Abe and I but we didn't have to sleep in a tent.


Chelsey Howard said...

That's so cute:) Trevor is so excited to take Brady when he's bigger:) John seens like such a sweet dad. I bet your boys adore him!

teamscow said...

After reading this I now realize why they got up there so late. They did rock it up though. Jack was all smiles and Jon was one proud Dad. All that was missing was place to get rid of all the ammo. It was a blast and we were glad to have them there.

Amanda said...

That's the only reason I go camping too!

Dani said...

Fathers and Sons is the best weekend of the year in my book! :) Maybe that's why I'm secretly hoping that this next one is a boy too...that way I'll be sure to get one weekend a year to myself! :)

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