Sunday, March 1, 2009

Peace Out, Bishop Haws

My dad got released today after being the bishop for 6 years. We went to the meeting and heard his and Mom's testimony. I can tell that my dad has such mixed feelings about this release. On one hand he loves the people in his ward with an intensity that I have rarely seen in life, but on the other hand, it has been a lot of hard and emotionally taxing work and the break will be appreciated.
I couldn't resist taking a picture of my dad with his counselors on the stand for the last time. After the release and call of the new bishop, member after member got up and told about what a powerful impact Dad has had on them. One man told about how he had prayed for help to straighten out his life and find got. He had written his prayer out in a letter to God. The letter was written on Saturday night and on Sunday morning there was my dad at his door, telling him that he had felt impressed to come over. The two men hadn't even know each other before this. Dad taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the man's life was changed forever. I cried as I listened to this miracle and thanked Heavenly Father for the privilege of knowing Milan Haws.


Monika said...

Say hello to your father:)

Stephanie said...

I wish that I could have been there! Dad's a cutie isn't he? Thanks for posting about the meeting.

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