Friday, March 13, 2009

Watch out for attacking dental work

We have been living with my parents for a couple of months in the home of my childhood. It is is comfortable and although it has its challenges, its mostly super fun and really an adventure . My dad hangs around all day and Babyham has decided that Grandpa is basically the Disneyland of human beings. He lights up when he sees him and is almost always rewarded by a swig of Mountain Dew and a few minutes of being messed with. I would be much more adverse to caffeinating the baby but in reality the bulk of the drink ends up in his shirt and I just can't bring myself to stop a tradition that was so relevant to my own childhood. I didn't spend a lot of time with my dad but when I did, he always had a can of Coke or Mountain Dew and he always let me have a drink no mater what. It made me feel loved.

I love that my kids are so bonded to their grandparents. Its wonderful to have my parents backing me up and interacting with my parenting, My mom is a doctor of education and it is literally priceless to have an expert in the field living with us and giving advice when I need it. Dad takes Jack back into the shop and puts him to work. It is exhillerating to see him do real work. I know its more work for Dad ultimately but its so good for Jack.

In the past few days Jack had just seemed to lose interest in Grandpa Haws. It was sad and confusing and I think it hurt Grandpa's feelings. Grandpa will invite him on one of his adventures and I expect Jack to jump up and start putting on his shoes. Instead he keeps turning him down and gives some lame excuse like SpongeBob might come on. Alrighty then, we're not going to force you to spend time with your grandpa, even if it is sad and a few weeks ago you would have jumped at the chance. 

Today grandpa walked out headed for Cabella's and to a buddy's heleport to take measurements on a helicopter. This activity should have had any five year old dancing with excitement. Jack said no and grandpa left. when we were alone I wanted to talk to him about it because something was seriously wrong and whatever it was was not obvious. What happened to make Jack lose interest in Grandpa so abruptly? "Jack, Grandpa is going on really fun adventures today, working on helicopters at the airport and going to Cabella's. I'm surprised you didn't want to go."

"Mom, I do want to go, but I'm a little nervous." 

" Nervous? What could you possibly be nervous about?" I know for a fact that My dad spoils him rotten and buys him whatever he wants.

"Well, Mom, (coming in close and whispering) "Did you know that grandpa's teeth come out of his mouth completely?" 

"Yes, I did know about his teeth. They are called dentures." 

"They are really scary, Mom. They could come out of his face and bite and I have no idea what they smell like either." 

So you can see the dilemma that a five year old is presented with when he has a fear of prosthodontics and a loving grandpa with full dentures. I think we were able to work through it and help him realize that the dentures no not have a mind of their own and Grandpa's love is more powerful anyway.  He opted to go at the last minute after a quick talk about the absurdity of a rogue denture attack. And by the way, dentures smell minty and fresh. 

They had a great day running errands. Jack told me that a helicopter is just like our minivan except cleaner. Oh, and it flies too.  At Cabella's he got a toy popper gun that makes a lot of noise but has no small pieces to get lost so its fine by me.  

The best part of the day is the renewed commitment that Jack has to brushing his teeth. Maybe every pre-schooler should get to see some dentures removed and chomping. I think I'm on to something here....


Stephanie said...

These are two hilarious stories! The life of a child must be so confusing!

Tara said...

Wow! He sure does have an imagination. That's hilarious. Good thing you figured it out. He sounds very intellectual. I bet Grandpa feels better knowing that it was just his scary dentures that was warding off his little man :)

Megan said...

OK The combo of the denture story and the poverty story had me cracking up!! He's got quite the fabulous way of interpreting the world. I love it!

Stacia said...

My grandpa had dentures and would scare/tease me on purpose with them. I remember him chasing me in the pool with his dentures chomping and hanging out of his mouth!

Glad you figured it out. That is sad he was avoiding him because he didn't know that dentures can't attack! :(

Chelsey Howard said...

That is so funny:) He always says and does the funniest things:) I love it! That is adorable that he's so close with his grandpa:) And huge plus that he wants to brush his teeth now. I should try that with Shea:)

Sami said...

LOL! This post is so hilarious!! I am so glad that Jack decided to go with his Grandpa, and understands that dentures don't have a mind of their own. :0)

Brittney said...

omg, that is the funniest thing!! jack is so hilarious, i love the thoughts running through his mind. missed you at my little shower today!! cant wait till your around again.

Dani said...

That is too funny - and super cute! I love the funny things that go through the heads of our little guys!

Amanda said...

I'm with Jack. That's scary. : )

Alexandria said...

Your kids are a crack up! That's so good that you talked to him. Your poor dad was probably feeling sad about losing his little buddie.

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