Friday, March 13, 2009

Jack's version of poverty

This week I have been making an extra effort to come up with original and fun projects to do with Jack at home during the day. We do science experiments and we bake stuff etc. One day this week we went on a nature walk and collected "specimens" of plants and rocks and made a display. One day we made cookies from scratch. Another day we made home made Play Dough. Yesterday we got a big bubble wand at the dollar store and came home and made our own bubble liquid. As I was mixing the soapy water up, Jack turned to me and said in this sad lamenting voice "Maybe one day we won't be poor and then we won't have to make our own bubbles and play-dough and cookies."

This was an interesting statement. It is funny to me that he thinks I'm going through the hassle of all these projects just to save money. Its funny that he thinks were poor. I had a good laugh about it. This crap is developmental GOLD, Jack!

I go back and forth between telling Jack that we are broke and that we DO NOT have money to buy stuff to harping on and on about how rich we are compared to most people on the planet. I explain that most of the population can't even dream of having the lifestyle we live. The poor kid is just trying to figure out where we stand and decided that home made play-dough must be a REALLY bad sign.


Brittney said...

omg!! that is freakin hilarious. i love your special developmental projects, and that is so funny that he thinks youre doing it cuz you are poor! i laughed out loud. you should start posting what you do with him daily so we can all copy you. i try to do these things with libby as well, i agree it is developmental GOLD! lololol!!!

Tara said...

That is so funny. It's funny to hear how our kids perceive things. If you guys need a loan just let me know, we'd be happy to help out in your time of need :D

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