Monday, March 23, 2009

Like Father Like Son: Gearing up

I am often asked if my kid's personalities resemble mine or John's. To me this picture is a perfect illustration to answer that question. Jack is exactly like his dad. They have the same interests, and often the same reactions to things. Jack appreciates rules and really loves training. He has a slightly neurotic fear of natural disasters and even though he is only 5 he sometimes laments about our trade deficit with China. He has never been to Mexico, but he could tell you about the kidnapping rate there.

These pictures crack me up because you can see how seriously he takes scooter safety. Just like his dad, ITS ALL ABOUT THE GEAR. Not long ago I went into the police supply store to pick out a present for John. I wanted some kind of police gadget or uniform accessory. I talked to the lady who always works there. She made a bunch of suggestions and sure enough, John already had every single thing she suggested. They keep records of all of the customers and their purchases so she looked him up. When they heard the name every worker there said "Oh, Officer Kramer from Gilbert PD? I know him.... yeah, he already has everything." This is an entire huge store devoted to police gear and there was literally nothing there that I could get him.

It takes Jack longer to get all of his scooter gear on than it takes him to actually ride the scooter.

When I suggested that he might consider adding shoes to his getup, he let me know that I was just ridiculous. And finally, we see that all of this safety preparation paid off in a big way when he bit it on the driveway, and came out of it totally unscathed. I guess one day I will probably say the same thing about all of John's police stuff.


Brittney said...

cute:) thats so sweet that jack is so much like his dad. it means john is a great dad! hey, i got your message on my phone a few days ago, but my phone has been dead and i have had to go without a friggin cell phone for about a week. do you still wanna talk to me?! call me if you do!

Amanda said...

The gloves are my favorite part.

Stephanie said...

This is David. He might have the gear (he looks great in the gear) but it looks like the helmet doesn't work to well.

Chelsey Howard said...

That is too funny:) I love reading your blog, you have the funniest kids:)

Alexandria said...

The no shoes part kills me! What a cute kid! Your probably laughting all day long from his antics. :)

Dani said...

So cute! And I love that the prep work takes more time than the actual activity...glad we're not the only household who operates in that same way! :) And I love the shoes part...Garrett tries to get out of wearing his too! He's seriously going to lose a toe one day though his knees and elbows will be well protected!

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