Thursday, February 26, 2009


I have written out FIVE random things about Jack that make me smile. He is a wonderful kid and It blows my mind that God would give him to a crazy lady like me. This was my proudest moment. The moment I became a mother. The happiest day of mine and John's life.
1: Where in the heck did all of the time go? One day we was my perfect little baby and the next I am negotiating Oreos with him. He demamnded a minimum of six I said that we were more likely to be talking about 2. He settled for 3 Oreos but theres a caveat: He wants to know where they are hidden. those are his terms. "If I give you one more Oreo, I get to keep the location secret... deal? "Yes mom but next time you might want to start lower." "thanks for the negotiating tip, big guy."

2: He still sleeps with his bed time pull up on (and incidentally, Star Wars toys). Sweet Mercy, when does this end? It is soaked every morning and I am thankful every morning that it is not the bed which is soaked. Less thankful when I have to buy them at 15 bucks a pack and the least thankful when he decides to discard it at the foot of the bed right before I stand up. Please Heavenly Father, don't let my boy start high school wearing diapers at night.

3: Speaking of sleep, I sleep with him a lot lately and he still sticks his lips out all the way to sleep. This is so cute to me, Sometimes I even catch him suckling his tongue.This is Jack asleep in the car with the bird on his shoulder suckling his lips. I couldn't resist the photo. even though he has no memory of being breastfed by me, It will always be one of my fondest memories. When I see him suckle in his sleep I say...oohhh...he loved it too... thanks for letting me be your mommy, Jack Jack. And by the way , thank you to Dude for being our patient bird. Not all of our feathered friends appreciate dangerous toddler love, like you do. Thanks for not biting Abe's fingers off when he tries for wet open mouth kisses. You are a pal.

4: Most people say that Jack looks just like his daddy, but I am undeterred. He looks like me. And not just a little. He looks JUST like me. I can't even glance at him without seeing the Haws cheeks and the Arnett eyelashes and the little staci mouth. He is a much more masculine version and actually much better looking, but looks wise, the kid is MINE. Please look at the following pic and tell me I'm right.

5: Jack is a genius. I hateto state this because I know that everyone thinks their child is a genius but its his birthday and so I'm coming out of the closet on my belief that my first born might cure cancer or become an accomplished scientist or something along those lines. They say that when you hear a parent tell what traits their children posess, they are really telling you what traits they personally admire, not what the child actually has. I swear this is true. Start listening for the comments. ..."My new niece is so exceptionally beautiful. "..... "You gotta see my son. Hes only one day old but he was kicking so hard I can tell he is really athletic".... My mom used to tell everyone that Lauren was born bilingual.

Since learning this truth I keep it in mind when I think about telling people that he has a complex understanding of how storms form, or how a super nova explodes or why the guy in the ice cream truck must be poor because he will probably be tempted to eat the ice cream all day long. Also his lifelong ambition to be a sasquach hunter by trade because-and I quote- "you only have to catch one."
Look how happy he is experimenting, I used to do this as a kid. Mom found rotten science projects all over the house .
This is an experiment about which solutuon would clean the pennies most effectivey. We worked all day long for this one and we were determined to find which substsnce cleaned the penies best. We set up a hypohtysys and decided which methop would clean the best , It was olove oil, desolveit, Dr Pepper, soap, Pine Sol, Tabasco sauce, oxy clean,and water. It was so fun to get our resuts. In case you're curious, the best was vinegar and salt. A close second was just soap. Avoid oxy clean. It turned the pennies yellow. It was a lot of fun.

So there you go. I admire intelligent people and funny people, therefore, Jack is a genius and Babyham is a comedian. I'm a mother to the core. there you go.

I had to post this last pic of Jack because it shows his true nature when he is speaking his mind. lets just say that he errs on the side of drama. Where did he get that from? Could have been anywhere.


Staci Kramer said...

From your Mom: What a great writer you are, Staci. But then I'm your mom and admire great writing and certainly see the genius in you! Your blog is priceless!

Stephanie said...

Cute post! Jack does look like you, 100% you!

Carey said...

He TOTALLY looks like you stace:) What a sweetie...

Chelsey Howard said...

Your so cute!! And yes I agree he looks totally like you. I think most boys look like their mom and most girls look like their dad, but that's just my opinion. I love the oreo story LOL:) K about tomorrow, sorry I havent called you. I can't go:( I think Trev and I are going on a date.

Amanda said...

I have to tell you that when I first found your blog, I showed Nate. He saw Jack and said he looked EXACTLY like you. I agreed, but it was just one particular picture. When he is by your husband he looks like him.

This post is awesome. I agree with your mom. You are a great writer, and a GENIUS!

Monika said...

It's almost impossible. Jack is 5!!!!!!!!!

Tara said...

That picture of you and him is crazy! You guys are identical! That is so funny. I love reading your blog. Tell your little man happy birthday :)

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