Sunday, March 1, 2009


There are a few words in the English language that Jack can not keep straight for the life of him. It doesn't matter how much we correct him, he is guaranteed to get it wrong. He likes to sing the song We Will Rock You by Queen (who doesn't?). Every time its the same. "You got mud on your face, a big musgrace....." That one always cracks me up because what in the world is a musgrace, anyway?

The other word he always mixes up is REsist vs. EXsist. He says to me "mom, do aliens resist?" keep in mind that we are a law enforcement family in a border state. I totally thought he was asking me about how undocumented immigrants handle arrest. "I'm sure sometimes they do, and sometimes they don't, Buddy." He looked at me like I was crazy. I was surprised that a five year old was concerned about the immigration issue at all. "Mom, they DO resist. They come here in UFOs and do tests and stuff." OH.... those aliens! Sure Jack, aliens resist. He also made the statement yesterday: "Dinosaurs used to resist but now they are dead and they so they don't resist anymore." A true statement. I can't argue.

Instead of the word really he says lee. As in, "Mom, I'm lee hungry. Dad, I lee want to play with you etc. He just can't squeeze that first syllable in.


Brittney said...

i love the messed up words, that is so cute, and i bet he will love to read this little post one day when he does get them right. for now it sure is the cutest. i lee like how cute he is. oh, and to comment on your post a while ago, i cant believe how identical he is to YOU as a kid!!! holy moly:) you were such a cute kid, and so is he.

Amanda said...

I laughed so hard at the alien story. I love picturing you two having this conversation. Awesome.

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