Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Recently Stephanie came down for a visit and it was so fun to hang out. Kristen and I always have so much fun together but it was nice to have the trio of Haws girls complete even if it was just for one day. I have two things to say about this picture: #1 I have the best sisters in the world. #2 Why am I the only one who was born with no pigment in my skin? Sometimes I swear I am an albino.

This is a picture of the three new babies together. Abe and Talan are born less than a day apart and Clark is 4 months after them. I hope these three grow up to be best friends. Since all of my siblings are done having babies this is tha last batch that will have cousins the same age. Aren't they cute!


Williams 3 said...

Cute sisters, love the shirt on babyham, and so glad the thudguard is workin out! lol about your pigment-less skin! too funny, and the baby boys, are all so adorable together!

Stephanie said...

Cute! Hey did you steal these pictures off my blog? I need to email you all the pictures I took that day or maybe just the best ones.

Kramer Boys

Kramer Boys