Thursday, July 10, 2008

Babyham Stands!

This kid amazes me by how motivated he is. It is so fun to see him hit the milestones, but I can already forsee the damage he is going to do the house pretty soon. He crawls all around the house and I even caught him trying to jam a toy into an electrical outlet the other day....and so it begins.
These kids are the sunshine of my life. Abe just lights up when I enter a room and its so flattering to have a little fan in him. Jack was such a laid back baby when it came to crawling and milestones, but this one just seems to be in a hurry to grow up. Sometimes I feel like Abraham is just an old soul. He has a kindof wisdom in his facial expressions and he is so calm and content all of the time. When I get to thinking about how lucky I am to have been given these children by God I am just overwhelmed by emotion. I know every mom thinks her kids are special (I hope) but I'm here to tell you, mine really ARE! (no, I'm not biased) I just love watching them grow and their little personalities blossom. I can't wait to see what they become in life.


Williams 3 said...

wow he is standing. thats so awesome! he is so cute stacie!
p.s. did you get my email, or my text, or any thing?! you never responded, so i just didnt know!
ttyl! britt

Cheryl said...

How is that even possible? Are you sure he isn't just a fully grown little man!?
I too can hardly stand to look at your cute family without wanting to kidnap them. Is that so wrong?
Love you guys!!!!

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Kramer Boys