Saturday, July 5, 2008

The best baseball game ever

So this week Christopher invited us to the Diamond Backs Game. John took the day off of work and we brought Jack to his first professional Sporting event ever. First of all Christopher's seats were literally the best seats in the entire stadium. THey were "porch" seats...right on the line in the outfield and you sit in a cordoned off area, so there is no one in front of you or behind you. Also you have an amazing view of the entire game and you have a good chance of catching a home run. Also the tickets included unlimited food and drinks brought to us by a waitress for no money at all. The only thing wrong was that the Dbacks were losing bad. By the bottom of the ninth inning, they were down 0 to 5. With no outs they came back in that one inning and won the game 6-5! It was so exciting. Everyone was on their feet and the energy was amazing. We joke that Jacks first game was so great, that every game he goes to for the rest of his life will suck in comparison.

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Hey YOU fellow blogger! glad to add you to my friends. you, my dear, are very hilarious, and i enjoy your company! i wish everyone had a BLOG!

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