Friday, July 11, 2008

No one can say we're not good responsible Republicans

SO John and I have set a goal to get more involved in local politics. Especially out here in Queen Creek, everyone loves to conplain about the roads and the taxes and the lack of businesses but no one does much about it. I did some research on the upcoming election for Pinal County Supervisor (the most powerful county position, becasue we aren't in a city) and there is a candidate that we really like named Bryan Martyn. He was an Apache pilot in the airforce and did 4 tours of combat. (Jack thought that was pretty cool) Anyway, I called what I thought was the campaign office to ask for a lawn sign adn it was this guy's cell phone. He got my address to send me a sign and then said that he'd like to bring it over to the house and meet me. so....long story short, we had this dude over for lunch today with Lisa and Kristen and asked him a million questions and talked all about our concerns etc. an it was really fun, plus it makes me feel good to get educated on the issues and the process of government etc. The main thing is that I want to set a good example for my children that it is our responsibility to care what happens in our government. Also, we want to ensure that our kids turn out to be right-wing nut jobs like their mommy and daddy!


Williams 3 said...

wow, he came to personally deliver it?! pretty cool, good for you for getting more involved, i should, i am embarrassed to say i am not even registered to vote yet! yikes. i just never educate myself enough to make a decision! you have inspired me to become more active.

Kiera said...

HEY STACI!!! you have the CUTEST blog...and the cutest boys, I can't believe your baby can stand.. he is so adorable!! he has your face, its so cute!! I love that story about Bryan Martyn.. Lisa told us all about it when we went to thier house last week, now Steve wants a sign haha, that is so awesome of him though! that pic of him and Jack is so cute!!. We need to get together.. for living so close we never see you guys! game night for sure!

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