Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Okay, so one thing I know for sure...A six month old baby has no business walking around. Abe didn't get this memo though because he is obsessed with standing up and walking along the furniture to explore the house. He even climbs the stairs when he gets the chance. Unfortunately he tends to fall alot and I swear he hits his head a hundred times a day. So my girlfriend Britney saw him bonking his head all day long and she lent me her "thudguard". The first time I saw one of these things I thought it was so ridiculous but now that I have a baby who is bound to give himself brain damage, I'm sold. The amazing thing is that he doesn't even try to take it off and he seems to like it. I think the best part is the ears on top. Hopefully he'll get a little more balance soon, but until then he has to wear the helmet around the house. He looks a tiny bit special ed but we love him anyway!

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Cheryl said...

Can you kill someone with cuteness!? Abe you must stop. It makes me want to come over and kidnap you!
I did not see me in listed as one of the "Haws Girls." What up?! There have to be some perks for living with your brother all these years! :)
Love you guys!

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Kramer Boys