Monday, July 7, 2008

John's little clone

I always knew that Jack and John looked alot alike but I also felt like Jack was a little more like me than his daddy...till I took this picture! Check out those eyes, and lips...or should I say lack of lips. I think I have the cutest family in the world!


Williams 3 said...

he is a good mixture of both of you. yes he has johns lack of lips, lol. did you get my text the other day?! we wanna do a play date at the Y, liz is gone for 3 weeks. so no super secret play dates there for a while, and awe, i felt bad it seemed that way, i dont want anyone to feel left out!
i got a pass to the Y for you, so come as my guest, lemme know if your in! britt

Rachel said...

He is adorable! I love your blog. I just discovered it and I will check back often. Have a great day!

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Kramer Boys