Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Best Birthday Ever

This week I turned 32 years old. Jack planned me a whole surprise party complete with a cake and dollar store party games.

He got me this necklace which he picked out all by himself. Well my mom did drive him to the store and have a chat with him about the fact that I will not probably want a toy for my birthday, and she did pay for the necklace but he was so proud to give it to me and I absolutely love it. The gift also came with a package of marshmallow Peeps which are my favorite.


Sami said...

Happy Birthday Staci! Jack sounds like such a sweet little boy. You look awesome!

Brittney said...

what a sweet and thoughtful boy you have!!

Stephanie said...

Cute! It's funny how as you get older birthdays really become all about your children. David's birthday is as you know coming this Thursday and the kids are already planning to get him a hamburger cake from Kohlers. Does David really want a hamburger cake? Probably not, but I'm sure that's what he'll have because that's what they are so excited about!

Chelsey Howard said...

Oh, happy late Birthday:) That is so cute:) i'm glad you had fun , sorry I suck and I'm just now finding out it was your b-day:(

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