Sunday, February 8, 2009

Canon EOS Rebel XSi digital SLR... I don't even know what all of those letters mean

I don't usually get excited about posessions but John ordered this camera for me for my birthday and I am so ridiculously excited to get it. The best part is that he came up with this gift idea all by himself and even sold one of his rifles to pay for it. Okay, let me just repeat that last part again. He even sold one of his rifles to pay for it. If you have ever met my gun-nut husband then you know that this is equivalent to him selling one of our children. I am still shocked by the sacrifice and the thoughtfulness of my sweet husband.


Brittney said...

omg! you are SO lucky!!! i seriously want a camera that will take awesome pictures, that is my ultimate gift, one day it will be mine. how SWEET of him to sell one of his rifles to get it for you! also, thanks for dropping off that book at kristens, i need to stop over there and get it soon, i promise i wont read it near a bathtub!
julie and i were just saying how glad we are you are coming back to the hood, we miss you!!

Chelsey Howard said...

That is so sweet!!! He did good, the camera looks awesome, I'm excited for you:)

Todd said...

ahhh stace... you make me smile

Todd said...

it's actually me (carey) i'm just on todd's user

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun said...

ok, i see now what kind you got. i love mine. have fun!!!

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Kramer Boys