Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight Premiere

My sister-in-law Cheryl called me late last night (9:00...yes that's late for me these days) to tell me she had an extra ticket to the midnight showing of the opening of Twilight. Now most of my friends know that I am an old school Twilight fan, and have been reading the books since before it was cool. I, like any red-blooded American woman between the ages of 12 and 70, love Edward and his gang of hottie vampires, so even though I literally can't remember the last time I was awake and out of my house after midnight, decided to throw caution to the wind and go to the movie.

Okay, let me just get this out of the way: The movie SUCKED. Like seriously the single dumbest movie ever made in the history of movie making. Cheryl and I literally giggled through the whole thing because it was so ridiculously cheesy. It was so over the top with bad acting and horrible special effects that I was honestly expecting to see a man in a bumble-bee costume come onto the scene, because it was so much like a Mexican Telenovella.

I swear to you that I'm not just one of those people who was so in love with the books that I was bound to hate the movie, no matter what. It really was just bad movie making. Such potential wasted too. I wish they could just scrap this whole movie and we could all forget it ever happened and then they could try again with a whole new group of movie making folks (especially need to replace make-up artists and dramatic mood music people). I could go on for hours.

Heres the thing though... I had more fun than I've had in a long time. Cheryl was so fun to hang out with while we waited for hours for the movie to start, and theres no way I could have endured the entire movie if I didn't have her next to me to laugh with. Also, my niece Lauren and her friends are so fabulous. Lauren really should have been born to me.

I am totally interested to hear what everyone else thought of the movie. Comments please....


Lindsay said...

Looks like a fun night. I am sorry the movie sucked! I was hoping for a good one. I can't wait to see it.

Cheryl said...

Okay my fabulously spontaneous Sis.-in-Law I had so much fun hanging with you! I have neglected my Staci Fan club duties for far too long! Thanks for making the night so so fun. There is no way I would have made it to 3am without you!
Love you!
p.s. Christopher and I will do our best to raise Lauren to grow up just like you!

Stephanie said...

I liked the movie! Yes the makeup was awful and the music was dramatic and the acting wasn't the best but I think that I liked the movie better than the book. The book was just so.....WORDY! I liked Edward better in the movie too. Maybe I just lack personal imagination while reading books. I thought that they did a good job with the characters. I totally had pictured them all to be much like they were. I guess that's what all the WORDINESS was all about in the book. I think that the characters were described well in the book and that they did a good job casting the characters as far as looks go. However the acting part WAS lacking!

Anonymous said...

oh no it sucked, i hate that!
anti denti!!!!!!
full price? how does that work?
i really don't think so, that's bs,i would have thrown a fit
btw, you're hair looks so cute
when can we hang out?
wed? holly will be home if jack wants to play

Chelsey Howard said...

K, I have mixed feelings about the movie. I liked it, and I think they picked actors/actressess that looked like the characters (as best they could), but I just thought that the left out A LOT of details!!! And the persont that played Victoria I wasn't all that impressed with. But I'm glad you had fun:)

Auntie Ellen said...

I am personally striking the movie until I can redbox it. Strickly from the previews and this review. Staci does not lead her people astray.

Heidi Lanett Mixon said...

I liked the movie and dreamt about Edward all night!!!

Brittney said...

eh....i think i'll wait till the dvd comes out. the previews didnt look so hot, and now your review has made me sure, i do not care to see it as bad as i thought! see you at the park wednesday?!

milan said...

I liked it! I'm usually pretty critical about movies and books but I thought they did a great job considering their budget. Edward's lipstick bothered me (it was redder than Bella's) and the music was NOT powerful. I thought the main characters did a good job though. Jacob was a disappointment but Edward and Bella were just as I imagined. I will go to the next one!

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