Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Chez Nous

We had a fantastic Halloween! John was a pirate (really it was just an excuse to bring our parrot Dude out in public.) And he was a hit at our ward party. Kids were lining up to get a closer look at the bird.
Jack was an astronaut. We got this costume from John's parents months ago when they visited mission control in Houston, Texas. We had bought Jack a really expensive Buzz Lightyear costume for Halloween, but it was made of heavy vinyl and after he wore it to preschool and almost suffered heat stroke in it, he decided to opt for the astronaut, which I think was so cute.
I was a purple Fairy. I decided to get a costume that I could slap on every year with regular clothes. Jack didn't give a crap about my costume, but I had a lot of little girls who were big fans! Ellyse also got a little set of Fairy wings.
Abraham was Yoda. This was the perfect costume for him. I couldn't even look at him without laughing because it just fit his personality so well and he is just the right size. He is so serene and wise. I have always thought that Abe has a little bit of an old man look about him behind that baby face. I was sure he was going to rip that headpiece off right away, but he wore it the whole night and never complained. He is such a sweet little Jedi Master.
We went to the Katie Jones' birthday party right before trick or treating, which is something we do every year and is always alot of fun. There were six of us there from the neighborhood who all had babies the same age. This picture was an incredible feat to obtain, because the babies were all over the place. From left to right: Malachi Joyner, Reagan Allen, Hope Chereck, Obadiah Smith, Abraham Kramer, and Rylee Fleming.

This picture was the best part of Halloween. I recently learned of the existance of a magical Candy Fairy. Legend has it that if you leave all of your Halloween candy out on the back porch before you go to bed on Halloween, She will come in the night and take the candy and leave you money to go buy whatever you want. We gave it a try and what do you know...IT WORKED!! Jack got twenty dollars! The candy fairy didn't have any smaller bills and she was willing to pay pretty much anything to not have all of that candy in the house.


The Noble Family said...

The Candy Fairy. We are going to put our candy out next year. Thanks for letting us know.

Cheryl said...

That candy fairy is genius...but we have Christopher that just takes the kids candy. He hid all of it in his closet after saying "Don't be a biotch this year just let the kids eat their candy til their sick!" Maybe your brother is the "Devil" Jack speaks of!

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