Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Private Riot.

So I was out rioting last night after John McCain's concession speech because, you know, thats how republicans roll when we lose elections, right? right? I mean, I saw on the news that we could expect major riots in Chicago if Obama lost, and since I am from Arizona like McCain, I thought it only made sense to do some rioting of my own.

Anyway, I was trying to turn over cars and I have got to hand it to the liberals. Cars are really heavy. I then went out looking for people to assault and stores to loot etc. but unfortunately, I live in an area that is heavily populated with other Republicans and so most everyone was at home since they have JOBS and KIDS. I guess someone has to go to work and make some taxable income so that all of the democrats in the country can get their welfare checks and have someone to pay for their healthcare.

Finally I decided that I was tired of rioting and that I should probably get back to my family. One distraught Republican just doesn't make for a good riot.

The great news about the election (besides 102 getting approval) is that the value of our gun collection just went through the roof. I guess there is always a silver lining.


Anonymous said...
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Brittney said...

pretty hilarious. thanks for a laugh! i can just imagine you trying to flip over cars in a raging riot. lol.

Staci Kramer said...

julie burr...don't be ridiculous! You know that I love you. I do, however, hate everything that our President-elect stands for. Everything from re-distribution of wealth to partial birth abortions. I just need a day or two to rant and get it all out of my system, so I can go back to being perky and know I'm not trying to diss you, girl.

Anonymous said...

I love you too, that's the great thig about having a diverse group of friends, how boring would it be if I agreed w/ you ALL of the time
btw, I mad zucchini bread tonight, soooooooo good, how is your friendship bread coming along?
I talked daryl into another baby, i meet w/ the gene doc on nov 17th
we missed you at the park today! how is jack's booty?

Carey said...

You are so funny Stace:)
That really does make me laugh. You have such a gift when it comes to making other people smile.

Auntie Ellen said...

A one woman riot! The imagery makes me smile.

Chelsey Howard said...

Staci, you are so funny! I'm totally down to riot with you, just call me up next time:) Btw. the 2 of us, we might be able to turn some cars over and make some kind of crainess (lol):)

Kara said...

You are so funny Staci. I didn't know what to write on my blog without offending any of my readers that weren't as disappointed as me. But you know how to just say it! Obama as president... what the heck?? We'll see how thats gonna work in the days to come.
Thanks for the laugh, I'll have to make it a point to come to your next "Proposition Party.." sorry I had to miss this one!

Tami said...

Oh my you crack me up! I just found your blog and I'll be back! sorry to miss the prop party, little miss had dance class. Don't know if you got info about Twilight or not- 11/20 11:55pm imax on Signal Butte tickets at

Tina Upson said...

I peed a little when I read your rioting post!!

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