Wednesday, November 12, 2008

62 IS THE NEW 50!

Happy birthday to the best mom and grandma in the world!
We had a birthday party for Grandma Haws yesterday at Kristen's house and what a party it was! We had pizza and cake and games. Here are the highlights:


The best part was that my mom was in charge of the games and she just made it up as she wnt. It was HILARIOUS to see how much the kids loved these games, one of which involved nothing more than passing an empty cup around a circle. I was sure that the kids would realize that there was absolutely no point to this game, but sure enough, they just passed that cup giggling the whole time. It never occured to any of them that there was no object to the game. no winners or losers, no skill involved...just cup passing. My mom is a genius with kids. she assured me that they would love it and what do you know...they did. Jack said afterwards, "I was a really good passer" Yes Jack, you just might end up in the cup passing olympics.

Another hilarious "game was that each kid had to put their fingers behind their back an put up any number of fingers, then when Grandma said so, pull your hand out and show what you have. After they all pull their hand out, Grandma says, clearly making this up as she goes "Ella wins because she has the highest number!" So you can see that this is a fairly beatable game, right. We go for round two, and you expect all of the kids to have all of their fingers up, since now they know that the most fingers wins...nope. Jack went for two fingers, Ella went for three fingers, It didnt occur to either of them to just go whole hog and hold up all five fingers. "Ella is the winner again, because she has the most fingers up!" Jack then folds his arms angrily and makes a pouty face because he just can manage to out-stratagize his cousin on this very cerebral game. Then comes my favorite quote of the night: Grandma Says "Hey Jack, no pouting, In our family we aren't sore losers, were HAPPY LOSERS! She then kicks off the traditional dance party and got everyone to show her their "sweet moves"
Mom, I want to be just like you when I grow up. You are fun and smart and righteous and sassy and accomplished and generous and always happy. I hope I can be half as good a mother to my children as you were to me. You are my best friend and my hero.


Brittney said...

awe, your mom sounds awesome! i love her positive attitude, and how she is so funny with those kids. what great games to play! she looks great for 62, thats so cute she is such a great mom and grandma,we all need good examples like her!

The Noble Family said...

Happy Birthday Aunt Marilyn. She is a great Lady!

Carey said...

Once again Stace... you make me laugh. Happy b-day to your mama...

Stephanie said...

I don't think that I ever thought that you and mom look like each other but man, that picture of the two of you is something else. You guys have the same noses and chins. You look alike! Wow! Great post!

milan said...

Thanks Staci! It was so fun to hear you make such positive comments about something I did that was truly a no brainer! I love you sooo much and stand in awe of who you are and what you have become. I wish I could take the credit but I truly can't. Heavenly Father gave me the best when he passed out children. I don't know what I did to deserve such a great daughter as you and your siblings! He probably felt sorry for me and decided He would give me children who could make me look good! You're wonderful!

Kara said...

Sounds like you already are like your Mom, witty, quick on the spot, fun with kids. She sounds like a great lady... isn't it wonderful to have a mom as a best friend?
oh, and I love the cup game. classic.

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