Thursday, January 8, 2009

Gilbert 5-0

Here is a picture of John with his squad at work. John loves his new squad even though I think the swing shift hours suck.

John really wanted me to post this picture. I asked him, "Why aren't any of you smiling?" John answered "because we're TOUGH!" he then pointed out that he is not only holding his AR 15 but he has his knife out too. for some reason this is hilarious to me. I hope none of you are planning on committing crime in Gilbert between the hours of 3 and 1 Tuesday through Friday.

Seriously, though, I am so glad John had a great job that he loves. Its so nice to have job security in this economy and most of the time it seems like he is getting paid to run around with his buddies.


teamscow said...

I think your profile pic is more intimidating than Jon's whole squad. Way to rock it to both of you!

Andrea said...

I think Jon looks tough! I am impressed!

Carey said...

That's too funny! I'll seriously have to consider straightening up now... dang it!

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