Friday, March 18, 2011

Let's just say… I have a type

John and I went out last night to dinner and a movie. We saw Battle: Los Angeles Its basically an alien invasion movie that follows a group of marines from before contact till they defeat the ETs. When I heard about it I knew that I would end up seeing it. not because this genre holds any intreats for me but because my cute little husband's love language is movie attending. Yes, thats right, there is a sixth love language and it involves watching other people shoot guns and pretend to die.

I don't usually write movie reviews on here but, damn. It was great. So great that by the time I left the theatre I was just so happy that we weren't running from scary aliens. It was like Independence day but without the Hollywood-ness (or the stripper) and it was like Cloverfield but less home movie-ish. It was just intensely real. My husband is the kind of person who has no problem with a movie where the trees come to life and save the cornered good guys. But if he's watching a movie with any police or military action in it he will lose his mind over something like "that guy just shot 31 rounds out of a 20 round magazine. I can't watch this crap." or "So how is a German soldier in 1944 carrying a rifle that wouldn't be manufactured in Czechoslovakia until 1945? this movie is lame." Nothing gets past John as far as military accuracy and he loved it so much that he saw it twice in two days. Everyone should go see it. theres no sex, no swearing (maybe a word or two) and it will keep you engaged the entire time. The cast consists almost entirely of men. Marines. Later on there is one woman for a little while and a couple of kids but for the most part it is pure military men. They didn't cast it with anyone you'd know. They all just look like regular guys. No moviestars. I sat there marveling at how damn attractive they all are. And as I snuggled my husband in the movie theatre I was so glad I had a hot military police man of my very own to take home with me. The reason I say this is not because I'm confessing that I was turned on by the manly men in the movie but it was the first time I realized that it is not a coincidence that I married a man in uniform. Maybe because opposites attract and if I were invaded by bad aliens I would just try to hide where as my husband would be on the front line. John's ability to protect our family is extremely hot. John is the quintessential good guy. When I met him I said "You look just like Buzz Lightyear!" Incidently, he does look just like Buzz lightyear and Dudley Doright and just about every other hero character they have ever invented. He is all about fighting for the greater good and helping people and saving the day so I'm glad people like John exist especially if aliens ever attempt to colonize our planet.


Brianne said...

Hey Staci I wanted to talk to you about some health stuff. Could you email me your # please? My email

Kara said...

Cuteness. Especially how an alien movie made you hot for your hubby. :)

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