Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jack has skills

Let me take a moment to do a little bragging about Jack. He is a genius artist. It is always amazing to see what interests and personality traits emerge in children as they grow. Jack has always loved drawing but what really gets me is his accuracy and his ability to draw things from different angles. Once when he was four I asked him to draw the room we were sitting in. When he was done it was just a strange smattering of rectangles. Then I realized that he had drawn an aerial view of the room and all of its furniture. The fact that his little brain could translate it onto paper was incredible but that he was drawing from a perspective that he hadn't actually seen blew my mind. He is in Kindergarden and at an age when a lot of kids his age are still drawing people with legs coming right out of their heads. Jacks drawing are not only accurate, they are super detailed. Here is a sample of one of his recent doodles:
These are three different views of a plane. Check out the detail! This is straight out of his little brain. You will notice on the left he doesn't always get which direction the numbers and letters are supposed to go (it says 2010 Jack Kramer) but he has the side view of the airplane wing right on and how about that Air Force logo!? I don't know if he'll end up as an aircraft engineer or a sketch artist, but I know that he's got my drawing skills beat at 6 years old.


Kara said...

Jack reminds me so much of cameron at that age! He is such a great kid. I am so impressed with his drawing ability! hope to see you guys soon. :)

Courtney said...

Ok, that is AMAZING! I am impressed! He is a handsome little guy too!

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