Sunday, June 14, 2009

The God Card

Jack likes to use the night time prayer as a manipulation tactic to get what he wants. (Don't we all?) Tonight during the snuggling portion of the routine (this has sneakily made its way into the most prominent position of the nightly bed-prep ordeal) The kid likes his snuggle time. Tonight he knew the end of the snuggle session so he volunteered heartily to offer the prayer. His prayer was as follows: Heavenly Father, Bless my mom that she will read two more books and sing three more songs and that she will fall asleep in my bed. In the name Of Jesus Christ, Amen.

A very good tactic, Jack Kramer. Its not going to work but its a good try. I call this "pulling the God Card" He thinks that the God Card trumps everything. He's banking on the fact that we would rather bolster his faith in prayer and give him what he prayed for rather than crush his little testimony. He thought that for sure his prayer was iron clad protection. I guess I am a testimony crusher when it comes to the quality of my sleep. Once again though, good try. If you need me I'll me in my King sized Tempurpedic.

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