Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The messiest kid in the universe.

I am officially bestowing this title upon Abraham. He always amazed me how dirty he can get himself in such a short amount of time. Its his passion. He goes through about four or five sets of clothes per day.

In this picture he had found somewhere in Kristen's back yard a See's chocolate lollypop. How on earth does a person eat a lollypop and get it so thoroughly distributed over the surface of his entire body? Yes, I know its gross that he ate a lollypop that was found on the ground outdoors, but obviously most of it didn't get actually consumed anyway.

You can see here that the lollypop even made it to his rear end and the back of his legs. I dont think there is anything better than chunky chocolatey baby legs.
This is a daily scene. He has a thing about putting food in his hair. I made the mistake of giving him a little bit of yogurt to dip his apples in and then turned my back for a minute. I think he might have potential in the hairdressing field.
I know why he does this. He thinks its funny. He is always looking for a laugh and I have to admit that I laugh everytime. I'm not laughing as hard later when Im doing 5 loads of laundry a day.


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun said...

your boys are so cute!!!! your photography is pretty awesome too! i am always jealous of those blue-eyed pics!

Andrea said...

Could your son get more gorgeous?!! he is going to be breaking hearts all over and they will not care that he is covered in food! So cute! Also i love the background on your blog--I have curtains in my living room that are nearly the same! We are still linked! So are you coming to utah this summer? Last summer was crazy and we never got together, it seems with Claire a little older we are more available to go do anything and everything. Let me know! Take care.

Anonymous said...

WHAT A HAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is so cute!!

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