Monday, December 15, 2008

Santa Clause is Coming to Town

This morning we got up and out the door to go see Santa Clause at the San Tan Mall and sit on his lap. This was actually a second attempt to see Santa. The first was on Saturday where we waited in a line for half an hour that absolutley DID NOT MOVE. Today was John's day off so we decided to try again since a Monday was bound to be less crowded. We checked Santa's schedule and so we knew that he would get there at noon. We arrived at about 11:50 and we were the very first ones in line! Thirty minutes later we were still the first ones in line! Santa was late. And to top it all off it was absolutely FREEZING (you know, in an Arizona kind of way).

Finally Santa showed up and of course it was well worth the wait. Jack was totally shy with him and when Santa asked what Jack wanted for Christmas he acted like the question was totally unexpected and then named a few totally random things that he has never mentioned wanting before including a Star Wars blaster (which he already owns) and a non-spicy candy cane. This is, of course, after I had coached him for weeks to ask for a trampoline and a Hot Wheels race track.

Last time we were at the mall he threw a penny into the wishing well and his wish was "I wish there was a trampoline in my back yard." It was about 5 hours later that we got home and as soon as we arrived he ran straight to the back yard. I had totally forgotten about the wish until he came in all bummed out. "My wish didn't come true." I suggested that he ask Santa to bring him a trampoline and then spent the next three weeks searching craigslist for a good deal on a used trampoline (I just wanted to help Santa save a little bit of cash.)

Before we left Jack let Santa know that we would be leaving him some cookies and that we didn't have a chimney so he would have to come in through the door. Hopefully Santa will appreciate the heads up.


Brittney said...

cuteness! i will have to bring libby to the san tan mall to see santa.... he gets there at noon mon-friday? and how much was that picture? thanks, this will be our first year to visit santa!

Anonymous said...

what a cute picture, i love abe's face!
that would be awesome if jack gets a trampoline, did you find one?
holly never remembers to ask santa for what was on her list!

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