Friday, December 19, 2008

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Last night was the Happy Time Preschool Chritstmas play starring none other than Jack Kramer as Joseph and Ella Gartner as Mary.

I can say without any hesitation that I have never in my entire life so thouroughly enjoyed a theatrical performace of any kind more. The entire thing was touching and hilarious and entertaining and spiritual all at the same time. Watching my little boy up there singing five times louder than any other child and nailing every word was honestly one of the highlights of my life thus far. If it was my job to hand out both Oscars and Grammys, The kids of Happy Time Preschool would sweep all categories in 2008.

After the show Santa Clause made a surprise appearance and the kids were thrilled! Jack came up with a whole new set of completely random gift requests and Ella was totally mezmorized all night long.
Right after the preschool party we had to hurry over to another Christmas party. This one was for my writing class and so even though it was an all adult party I had to tote the kids along because John was working. I was a little worried that Jack would be too bored at the second party but the most incredible thing happened. Santa showed up to that party too. Jack got to sit on his lap and give him a whole new list of random gift requests.
My grandma Arnett is in my writing class so she was there and she got to sit on Santa's lap and I even got a turn.
I have a feeling that this really will be the best Christmas ever.


Chelsey Howard said...

That is so fun!!! WOW 2 Santa's in one night! Those are some lucky boys:) Isn't Amber the cutest! I love how creative she is with the kids!! And plus she's just adorable!! P.S. your hair looks awesome!! Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas!

Mom Marolyn said...

Adorable kids!

Diane said...

Staci you're so cute. What a beautiful family. You're litterally shining on your pictures. Magnifique!

Brenda said...

I'm missing you on my blog. I hope your life gets less crazy soon!

Sami said...

Hi Staci, Your boys are adorable! I am loving your hair, and your profile pic, that is awesome! :0)
You called the other day, and I couldn't talk. I can't find your number, please call me back!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun said...

So cute! I love your hair!

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