Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jacked up religion

This is a conversation that I overheard yesterday and butted into between Jack and Ella (my niece) right after a small fight that had broken out between them.

Jack- "You know who makes you wanna fight?"

Ella- "Who?"

Jack- "The Devil."

Ella- "Yeah, the devil makes you wanna fight and Jesus makes you wanna do good stuff."

Jack- "The Devil is a really bad guy. The baddest guy there is."

Ella- "Jesus is a really, really good guy. Jesus is in control of everything I do."

Me- "Woah, Ella, Jesus has set a perfect example for us to follow and if we are smart we will follow it, but he is not in control of everything you do."

Jack- "Jesus is in control of everything I do...except when I fight, then its the Devil."

Me- "no, you guys are in control of yourselves. Jesus wants you to do good things and the Devil wants you to bad things, but you get to choose.

There was a thoughtful pause and I could see that Jack was thinking really hard.

Jack- "Hey Ella, do you know who the Devil is?"

At this point I was expecting either a philosophical remark, "our enemy" or a doctrinal remark, "Jesus's bad brother" or even a simple identification "Satan". This was not so.

Jack- "Obama."

Don't worry, I spent the next five minutes trying to convince Jack that contrary to what he may have overheard his daddy saying, Obama is not the Devil. He is just a guy running for President that we don't think would be a good choice, because he wants to take away our guns and raise our taxes. He is NOT THE DEVIL. Just a person who we disagree with about alot of things.

Senator McCain might want to consider hiring Jack to do some campaigning. He already knows how to sling mud.


Brenda said...

Thanks for the laugh. You know how much I appreciate a good laugh right now. Did you change your blog wallpaper or whatever it is? I love the new color palette.

Brittney said...

kids are so smart. thats pretty funny he thought obama is the devil, must be really paying attention to what the adults are talking about around him~ i cant wait for bunko, but we should plan another fun play date with our kids. we are going to the park tomorrow am, julie, stacie joyner, and i, you should come bring the kids! around 930 ish, not sure what park yet, might be the one off empire. i'll text ya in the am to see if your in!

Heidi Lanett Mixon said...

Too funny! Gotta love the funny things our kids say!

Chelsey Howard said...

That is hilarious. I love the Obahma comment (lol):)

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