Thursday, October 23, 2008

Baby handcuffs

If I ever wanted to imprison Abraham, I wouldn't need to put him behind bars, I could just give him a toilet. EVERYTIME he gets the opportunity, he puts his hand in the toilet to feel the water. then he invariably pulls the lid down on top of his hand and traps himself. he gets mad and tries to escape but in the process, just ends up pushing down harder on the toilet lid. It reminds me of those monkey traps where they put something shiny inside of a jar with a tapered lid and the monkey reaches in and grabs the object and cant get their hand free because it is fisted. All the monkey has to do is let go of the object to get loose but it never does.
Anyway, this scenario with the toilet has played out so many times that I finally had to take some pictures of it.

Abe is at that age where he automatically puts everything in his mouth. At the beach he ate literally pounds of sand and seaweed. Its so odd to me that kids would be hardwired to do something that has such a potential to make them sick, but then I look at my healthy little uber kinder shoving handfuls of filfth into his mouth and tounge kissing the dogs and I realize that this has got to be natures way of making sure they get all of the exposure they need to build up immunity to disease... either that or simply a way of thinning the herd.

I saw a movie yesterday (Baby Mamma) where a mother sees her toddler covered in a brown mystery substance and she asks, "is that chocolate or poop? she then gets down to examine it and smells it and then TASTES is and says, "Oh its just chocolate." This would have totally grossed me out before I was a mother, and now I totally get it. I guess all of that germ-y exposure we get as babies just prepares us to be parents.


Brittney said...

that is too funny. what a little cutie, he will figure it out soon enough! it was great to see you today, i meant to tell you, you look great! as i am getting fatter, you are slimmin down! we really need to do that more often, i just love talking to you.
that is SO freakin weird you grew up knowing my cousins! i wanted to ask if you were related to any grampps? i know, random question, but just curious!

Chelsey Howard said...

Baby Mama was such a good movie, loved it:) And I totally agree, I think everything they put in their mouth just build up their imunity:)

Heidi Lanett Mixon said...

As I started to read your blog I thought of the monkey too then you went on to mention it! lol

I think we were all taught the monkey story in school huh?

hey shoot me and email so we can figure out when, where and what you were looking for...lets plan it sooner than later.

you can check out my "calendar" at to see what dates I have available!

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