Thursday, September 11, 2008

Brenda's Interview

I spent the entire day working on a press release about the Bachrach family for all of the local tv news and radio and newspapers. I would like to get as much awareness about The situation of Brenda and her boys becasue I really feel like there a lot of people in the community who would be willing to donate money to the family. I immediately got a response from Channel 3 news and they went to Brenda's house tonight to interview her and hear her story. It is heartbreaking but I think Brenda did an amazing Job. She is beautiful and articulate and I don't think you can watch this story and not feel deeply for her and her boys. Take a look at the link.

Hopefully we will get even more coverage tomorrow.

It has been interesting to see everyone's response to greiving. I have seen people just fall apart and I have seen people who need to cling to someone and I have seen people withdraw and be alone. I have discovered my resopnse is to find a job and to stay busy trying to be useful. This has been theraputic for me as it helps me feel just a little less powerless against mortality. I spent all day getting this press release out to every news outlet in town and I have become the official donation cheerleader for the Matt Bachrach Memorial Fund.

Tomorrow we are taking Brigham and Hunter to Walking with Dinosaurs and I am really excited about it. I really want the boys to just have an amazing time and to have a cool happy experience that they will remember. The Viewing/Visitation is tomorrow which will be hard on everyone, so I'd like to at least start the day off with something purely fun for the kids.

Brenda is amazing. She understands that by letting people serve her right now she is really serving them. She has kept such a calm and classy demenor and she has been so strong for her kids. She is an incredible woman under any circumstances, but this is the ultimate and she is proving that her strength and grace are the real thing. She inspires me.

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Stephanie said...

Wow Staci, that's so sad! My heart breaks for Brenda and her kids! Give her an extra hug. You are a fabulous friend and example. Keep working hard to get her what she the things she needs.

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