Friday, November 26, 2010

New Thanksgiving Tradition

This year we broke out of our usual Thanksgiving mode and started a few new traditions that I hope to keep going every year. Instead of a big formal turkey dinner, it was all about the pies. Everyone brought their own favorites (Village Inn made big money on us) and we had turkey sandwiches. See, I have a theory about Thanksgiving. The reason we don't eat stuffing and turkey and cranberry sauce etc. the rest of the year is simple: We don't like it that much. Think about it. If it were that good, we would eat it at other times during the year. its not like any of it is hard to make or super expensive or something... just mediocre. Except the pies of course. So we had French Silks and Lemon Meringues and pumpkins and apple and cherry pies. It was truly fantastic. Cheryl made her famous homemade rolls for the sandwiches to be made with and I brined and baked a turkey the day before for meat. Everyone went to the movies beforehand and then we all met here at my house afterwards for the most hassle-free Thanksgiving gathering in history.


Kara said...

Wow, sounds great!! I had some pie before we ate the big meal yesterday, and wow they were so much better before than they were after... when I was totally stuffed! I actually love thanksgiving food, but I only like it once a year so its "special." I love the leftovers, I love mixing sweet potatoes with turkey and green beans... I would actually make sweet potatoes all the time except everyone in my family hates them! I'm glad you guys had such a great time yesterday... what movie did you see? We saw Unstoppable, it was pretty lame. But Amy complained about the small theater and the fact that we got there an hr early and didn't get to sit by each other and they gave us free passes. :o) So s'all good. Btw, I found my phone, yay!!

Carey said...

I love the clarity of your perspective! You really are wonderful my friend:)

Scrap Happy said...

Oh that sounds lovely. That's all I want for Thanksgiving too - the leftover sandwiches. Can I come next year???? : )

Cheryl said...

Thanks for having us over for Thanksgiving Stac! Next year let's eliminate the turkey too! Rolls and pie sound good to me :) Love ya!

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