Saturday, October 17, 2009

1990 2nd place family doubles bowling Trophy

Jack and John went "hiking" in the orchard behind our neighborhood this week. They do this often and usually come across a lot of really interesting items. To my dismay, these items are usually brought home for display or further study. Last time it was an animal skull and a backpack full of rocks. You get the idea.

This time was different. Jack found the greatest treasure he has ever found (his words). Two 1990 2nd place family doubles bowling trophies. You have never seen a person so proud of a trophy that they didn't actually win. He has carried them around the house for days and moves them to different prominent places. He doesn't really even know what bowling is but he is now planning a championship bowling career.

Can you believe that someone would throw away such a treasure!?


Brenda said...

I hope you soaked them in antibac! I am shuddering at the thought, but then I can't even handle the thought of library books in my house...

Stephanie said...

I almost thought you had dropped off the blogging face of the earth! So good to see you're alive and well. And even better to see that Jake has a future career in bowling with hopes of receiving a trophy of his OWN someday! Weren't you in the 7th grade in 1990? That's awesome! That's a total treasure, heck it's almost an antique! Love you, Stepahnie

The Lamb's said...

That is so funny. My oldest is the same way. Ethan loves to find "treasures". His best find was a 12 pound bowling ball, previously owned by someone named Bob. He carried it home almost a mile by himself. I was hoping that making him carry it would prevent him from bringing it home. No such luck! Gotta love boys and their treasures!

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