Friday, May 23, 2008


This Week we have spent a lot of time visiting people in Hospitals! Last Thursday My dad had an Abdominal Aortic Aneurism repaired which required major Surgery. Hes doing good, but its always strange to see my Big Strong Daddy all helpless in a hospital bed. We brought Krispy Kremes for him to share with all of the hospital staff and so he ended up being the most popoular guy on the floor.

On Monday the 19th Kristen gave birth to Clark Robert Gartner! He is as sweet as can be and of course looks just like Rob. There is nothing like witnessing the birth of a child! How can anyone deny the existence of God when they look into the face of a new life? Kristen is doing great and the baby is healthy and perfect. I think Christopher is the only one who is a little unsure of the whole thing. He has after all been dethroned as the baby....forever.

Yesterday I found out that Grandma Arnett was admitted to the hospital for haivng tiny strokes. Luckily its not serious and they are just going to put her on Asprin, but its always scary to hear that someone you love so much is actually mortal. I can't even imaginge Grandma leaving us. She is such an amazing woman. I sat in the hospital with her for a couple of hours yeaterday and I just looked at all of the nurses and doctors going about their business casually caring for her and I thought, "You have no idea that this is not just any little old lady...You are in the presence of GREATNESS!!" My highest ambition is to become just like her.

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Cheryl said...

Why is everything you do always more awesome than what I do!? Love the blog!
Thanks for having Lauren over for the weekend!
I am so afraid that Lauren will go to court and have you and John made her new parents!!
By the way, you have the cutest boys in the world!

Kramer Boys

Kramer Boys